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Lume is an interior design studio offering comprehensive planning, construction and project management services including:

Usually, there are many options for development of your space. We will help you determine an optimal layout and define what’s required to make that a reality.

A 2D plan is a management tool used to budget space. If there’s no room for that L-shaped sofa or extra bedroom, a 2D plan will tell it like it is. We’ll produce a 2D plan for you as a matter of course so you will know exactly how much space is being occupied by your furnishings,

A 3D computer visualization is used to predict what a space is going to look like when finished, and allows you to make changes to your project before the later phases of planning and development, saving you time and money. LUME can produce your 3D visualizations quickly and at a reasonable cost.

Once your space planning is finished, it’s time to make significant choices regarding overall style, core materials, functional objects, technology and finishes. We can either assistant you or totally manage this process. Most importantly, our inspiration and experience is on tap when you need it. Not sure what heating system, cooling system, insulation or how to organize the wet areas of the house? Lume can engineer your HVAC, plumbing, lighting, electrics and integrate a variety of smart house technologies.

Fabricating bespoke furniture is often a better option when space is at a premium. We work closely with local fabricators and manage this process from start to finish so the headaches are ours and the glory belongs to your furniture.

Every surface counts. we will work with you to make sure your finishes are aesthetically and economically effective.

Success of your project will depend entirely on how well construction is managed. LUME has its own team of builders whose collective construction experience is vast. Whatever size or complexity your project we can deliver exactly what your plans call for. For capital projects requiring regulatory approvals, LUME can produce a full suite of architectural documentation and manage the process of submissions and subsequent revisions as required.


Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

  • Soho Style

    Soho Style

    Urban Living Anywhere

  • 3D Visualizations

    3D Visualizations

    The Gold Standard

  • Our Construction

    Our Construction

    Make the workmanship surpass the materials

  • Good for business

    Good for business

    Not your mother's corporate identity


Working together, we’ll embark on program to create your ideal space:


Working together with LUME, we’ll be dedicated to your project. We’ll design and construct your home with absolute attention to detail, use the highest quality materials available and incorporate practical technology for comfortable, functional living experience.



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